Best. Christmas. Book. Ever. – “The Stupidest Angel” by Christopher Moore

[Merry Christmas, everyone!!]

Holiday traditions aren’t something I put a lot of stock in, but over the past few years the coming of the Christmas season has meant that my copy of Christopher Moore’s joyously ridiculously “The Stupidest Angel” comes off the shelf for an annual reading.

The book is both a breeze and a blast, full of satire and silliness.  From it’s opening moments, where a divorced couple gets into a fight in a grocery store parking lot while she’s dressed in a Santa suit (ringing a bell for the Salvation Army) and he fights her off with a bag of ice, you know Moore is in the best shape of his career.

The ex-husband (a jerk) dies mere pages later, killed by a shovel. Good times.

I should have begun this with a disclaimer that there has never been a Christopher Moore novel I haven’t loved.  As far as I’m concerned, he’s as good a writer as they come, and a master of absurdity.

For folks who’ve read the bulk of the Moore collection, many of these characters will be familiar and it’ll feel like spending holidays with the wackiest members of your family.  From the Pine Cove stories, Moore brings back Constable Theo Crowe and his now-wife Molly Michon (a former actress known best for her role as Kendra, Warrior Babe of the Outland) and some other townies.  From Moore’s “Island of the Sequined Love-Nun” he brought in Tucker Case and his fruit bat Roberto. Literally, it’s like a big get together.

For newbies, it’s simply a laugh-out-loud funny book about pothead cops, new loves, zombies, warrior babes, and a little city by the sea at Christmas.  There’s also an archangel, a Christmas party, and somewhere around the page 200 mark there’s a zombie attack.   (So what if the zombies have plans to go to IKEA after they feast?)

It all ends happily – Strangely, but happily.  It’s a grand adventure of a silly book, and this time next year I’ll haul it down from the shelf for another reading.

(Meanwhile, the long-anticipated film version of “The Stupidest Angel” appears to be in the world, if tells the truth.  Can Nathan Filion just sign on to play Tucker already, please?)


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