Two Quick BookBytes!

1.  Being a big fan of the wonder known as Groupon, I thought I’d post a quick note this chilly Sunday to let y’all know that Groupon is currently offering a “$20 for $40 worth of books” deal. Basically, you pay the $20 for the Groupon and then get $40 worth of books from Simon & Schuster’s online store – where you can get Stephen King’s new book, among many others. (However, it’s not valid until 12/1, but that’s only a few days away, so…) Check out Groupon’s book deal!

2.  Hey Chicago! The Michigan Avenue Borders is closing, so everything in the store is 30-40% off.  Granted, it’s super sad that a bookstore is closing, however the deals are great, so go in and stock up.  I went yesterday, and though it’s a little like the apocalypse hit the store, there are still plenty of great books to be had if you’re willing to dig around a little.  The deal also extends to movies, CDs, and games as well. (I think magazines are the only thing NOT discounted.)

Happy Sunday, friends!


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