Books I’m thankful for

In the spirit of a holiday all about remembering things you’re thankful for, I decided to make a (short)list of books I’m grateful/thankful for.

Some of these are among my all-time favorites, but some are books I’m thankful for for other reasons.

The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant

Otherwise known as “The book my Mom told me to read for years, and I ignored – then, after actually reading it, had to admit it’s genius.”

My Mom is probably my favorite booknerd in the world, she’s always reading something and most of the time her recommendations are fantastic.  This time around, it was probably six or seven years she told me to read this book, and for various reasons I didn’t.  However, when I did, I discovered one of the best-written books I’ve ever encountered in my life.  Diamant is brilliant at detailing female relationships and lives, and it’s a book I will always suggest to other readers.

Matilda, by Roald Dahl

For giving little bitty me the idea that there were other booknerds in the world – and that loving “Dahrls Chickens” was perfectly fine.

(Also for making me wish I could move things with my mind, but thats a whole different list.)

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen

Good books, like friendships, last forever.  In college, I met a girl named Aleisha, and we’ll be friends forever.  There are two things that define our friendship – Boybands and Jane Austen.  I’m thankful for Aleisha for also being a big Bronte/Austen nerd, and particularly for getting every Elizabeth Bennett/Darcy/Colonel Brandon/Miss Dashwood reference I have ever made.  She’s a gem, just like this book.

Valley of the Dolls, by Jacqueline Susann

Not only has this book (and it’s fantastic film version) provided more moments of sheer joy with my dear friend Bob than nearly anything else I can think of, but I’ve also been able to dazzle folks with my 60s Hollywood knowledge on more than one occasion.  Loving “Valley of the Dolls” is not a guilty pleasure – it’s one I’m proud of.

A Dirty Job, by Christopher Moore

I’m thankful Christopher Moore exists in this world to write wonderful books, all of which have brought me joy throughout the years I’ve been a fan.  I’ve never encountered a book of his that hasn’t absolutely delighted me.  I’m most thankful for “A Dirty Job” because it’s the book that introduced me to Moore and his wacky world.  Literally, I first picked up the book based on the cover, as I was darting through a train station getting ready to head home for the holidays and needed reading material.  The cover made me laugh, I bought it, and one of the great literary loves of my life was born.

So, readers, what books are y’all thankful for? 🙂

(Happy Thanksgiving!)


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