A Board Game for Book Nerds: “Liebrary”

I didn’t expect to leave the Chicago Toy & Game Fair with a new favorite board game.

Then again, I’d never really given the idea of book-based board games a thought. If such things existed, I was unaware of them.  My scope of board games was limited to my beloved classics – Monopoly, Clue, Trivial Pursuit, and the like.

Then, in the middle of a convention on Navy Pier, I met “Liebrary.”

In the vein of games like “Balderdash,” which require some cunning, “Liebrary” is a game where you have to guess the first line of famous novels – and you have to bluff in order to get the other players to guess the wrong one.  There are five categories of books – Classics, Children’s, Romance, Fiction/Nonfiction, and Horror/SciFi/Mystery – and one player acts as the librarian, who presides over the reading of the correct and incorrect first lines.

(Me, Presiding over my dominion as Librarian.)

Having bought the game, we headed home with our friends Brett and Amanda to test it out. (And also to test the other games we bought at the fair, too!)  Wine and cheese were consumed, and games were played, and I’m delighted with “Liebrary.” I mean, there were questions about “1984,” “Breakfast of Champions,” and even a Nora Roberts book.  I can’t even imagine what other books are featured in the stack of cards.

Yeah, it’s super-nerdy.

Of course, I adore it.

Randomly, the game was created by actresses Daryl Hannah (yep, that Daryl Hannah) and Hilary Shepherd, both board game fanatics. Somehow, the edition of the game I bought at the fair is autographed by both actresses, so you know – score!It’s distributed by Discovery Bay Games and is, honestly, a blast. (Side Note: Brett, a movie nerd, purchased Discovery Bay’s “Famous Last Lines” game, which is a lot like “Liebrary” and super fun, too!)

Need a gift for that special book nerd in your life? Look no further.


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