Leonardo DiCaprio might be a booknerd.

I think Leonardo DiCaprio is stalking my book list.

Word has been swirling lately that the actor is to star in film versions of two amazing books.

Books I love, and hold dear.

Rumors or truth, I have no idea. But, I’m swooning.  Not over the handsome face of Mr. DiCaprio (though, lets be honest, he’s a pleasant chap to look at) but more because his name associated with these two projects lends them instant credibility.  He’s talented, it’s a proven thing, and he doesn’t make throw-off projects.

So, these rumors have ignited my imagination…

#1 – The Great Gatsby, directed by Baz Luhrman.

According to sources, Leo is set to play Jay Gatsby in Luhrman’s film version of the novel every high school student is required to read.  Tobey Maguire may play Nick, but in truth I could care less about that, as I’ve never really given that character any serious thought.  Daisy appears to be still up in the air, with everyone from Keira Knightley to Amanda Seyfriend tossed around.  I don’t even think I could come up with someone I might be able to envision as Daisy.  Baz Luhrman, this one is in your capable hands.  Just please, don’t cast Nicole Kidman.  That would be much too weird.

Regardless,  Leo as Gatsby is perfection in casting. Done and done.

#2 – The Devil in the White City

The idea of Leo playing serial killer H.H. Holmes in the film version of this novel is something I’ve been hoping for in the back of my head since I first read the book.  How grand would he be as a charming ladies man/serial killer with extreme torture methods?  Apparently Tom Cruise once held the film option to the book and planned to use it as a vehicle for himself, but it appears the rights came back up for grabs and Leo’s company snagged it.

Here’s hoping both of these come to glorious cinematic fruition.

Until then, I remain waiting, a happy BookNerd.


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