Have yourself a Literary Halloween!

My husband and I love Halloween. Crazy amounts.

As we’re newly married, we decided to celebrate our love for this coolest of holidays by throwing our first-ever Halloween party.  The party went off wonderfully, a gathering of clever friends in costumes.  Costumes were mandatory, and we adored the things our friends came up with.

Literary characters, of course, made an appearance.

I went as Coraline. (Movie-version Coraline, as book-version Coraline really isn’t recognizable.)  My husband went as Max from Where the Wild Things Are.  Strangely, we had not told each other of our costumes when we decided on them, so the fact that we wound up as two characters who would so totally be friends in real life was lovely.

A.A. Milne’s Christopher Robin and Winnie-the-Pooh also made an appearance. 🙂

And, though its not at all book-centric, here’s a gratuitious pic of Oz in his costume.

Happy Halloween, readerfriends!

May your candy be plentiful and your costumes be fun!


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  1. Love Oz’s costume! That is adorable.

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