What are you reading? (Mavis D., Alpena, MI)

[For the week of October 14th: Mavis D., Alpena, MI]

**Confession: This fabulous lady is my Mom, and the reason I’m a reader in the first place. She reads incessantly, and is incredibly candid about she’s read.  We both can’t understand why people love Henry James.**

Mavis D., What are you reading?

I am currently reading “The Blind Assassin” by Margaret Atwood.  Just started it last night so I’m not really far enough in to love it yet, but got past the slow spot and now it’s starting to grab me.  I have a rotten cold today so the plan is to lay about in jammies tonite drinking hot herbal tea and reading it.

What made you pick it up?

I’m reading it because YOU recommended it so highly!  I liked “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Cat’s eye” by her, also.

What was the last thing you read?

I read “The Feline Mystique On the Mysterious Connection Between Women and Cats” by Clea Simon.  That is, till I got to the last chapter which is on our beloved cats death and dying.  Then I had to put it down, due to Patches’ disappearance and probable death….  I can’t read the rest of it right now.  Maybe later.

[Side note: Our family cat, Patches, has been missing for almost two months.  As she’s a farm cat, she had free reign of the outdoors.  Which should help explain the above comments.]

Whats the scariest book you’ve ever read?

“The Bone Collector” by Jeffrey Deaver is the scariest book I ever read.  Normally, I don’t go for scary books.  But I liked it and have been reading more of him.

[If you want to be featured on “What are you reading?” shoot me an email!]


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