What are you reading? (Aleisha E., Corpus Christi, TX)

For the week of October 7, 2010: Aleisha E., Corpus Christi, TX

1.  Aleisha, What are you reading?
I’m about halfway through Stephen King’s “Danse Macabre”.  It is King’s “Final Word” on the horror genre (specifically from 1930-1980), based mostly on his own experience and instincts.  It reads more like an interesting conversation than a study, and is as fine a piece of storytelling as any of his novels.  While some might criticize the book for being dated, I’m enjoying it all the more for the same reason.  Danse Macabre is a lovely little time capsule of observations and opinions written before SK became the phenomenon he is today. 
2. What made you pick it up? 
It’s October (tis’ the season for horror!) and I love Stephen King.  I must own at least thirty pounds of SK novels.  They are like cotton candy for my brain, and are also excellent for pressing flowers.  Really, who doesn’t want to know what makes SK tick?  
3. What was the last thing you read?
 I finally got around to reading Anne Rice’s “Violin”.  I can usually count on Madame Rice for a thrilling, sensual ride, but Violin left me disappointed.  I couldn’t connect with the self-indulgent lead character, and found myself sympathizing with the Lestat-like antagonist instead.    
4. What’s the scariest book you’ve ever read?

I can’t recall the title or author, but at some point in junior high (for a paper), I read a book about the human experimentation Nazi “doctors” performed at Auschwitz.  I’ll never forget the horrifying stories and pictures.  It changed me.  For the first time, I understood that monsters are very real.  They hide in plain view, as seemingly normal people.  Nazi Germany allowed the monsters to show themselves, and look at how many there were.  Terrifying.

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