Astonishing — “Room” by Emma Donoghue

People, seriously.

Go get this book and read it.

Finding a copy won’t be hard, just look on any table by any door at any Borders or other bookstore, and you should be fine.  (It’s a book that’s generating mega-buzz and is shortlisted for the Booker prize this year.)

Simply, it might be the best book I’ve read in months.

“Room” is the story of Jack, our five year old narrator.  He lives in one room with his Ma.  He has never been outside.  “Room” and it’s inhabitants – like “Bed” and “Rug” – are his friends, and all he knows.  Yes, they’re being held there…..

Writing about this book without spoiling things is nearly impossible, so I’m going to stop.

Let’s just say it takes a few pages from recent news-worthy events, but it’s a story all Ms. Donoghue’s own and it rises above being based off tabloid fodder.  Jack is a wonderful narrator, and his voice is pristine and powerful.  He’s a character you won’t forget, and nor is Ma.  You can’t help but put yourself in her shoes and imagine what you’d be capable of in this situation.

It’s an amazing accomplishment, and I was sad when it ended.  I wanted years more of Jack and Ma’s lives.

For more information, Janet Maslin of the New York Times did a wonderful write-up:

A Captive’s View of Life – and He’s Five.


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