A marathon reading: Reading “Under the Volcano” – 11/6

Who doesn’t love a good marathon reading, right?

I received an email from Peter Weathers, one of the organizers of this event, and knew I had to add it to the listings. How cool is this? ->

Reading “Under the Volcano”

When: November 6th – 12pm to 12am

Where: High Concept Laboratories, Chicago

“Part interactive theater, part Día de los Muertos festival, part celebration of alcohol: come experience the hot music of Malcolm Lowry’s “Under the Volcano” in a 12 hour group marathon reading. On the Day of the Dead, 1938, Yvonne returns to her husband, a British Consul in Mexico, a year after having left him. His drunkenness intensifies as they spiral downward during their final 12 hours. Bring a pillow. —Saturday, November 6th at noon—High Concept Laboratories, 1401 Wabansia Ave, Chicago—tacos and tequila— Donations to benefit Literacy Works: an adult literacy organization in Chicago.”

This event does require participants to RSVP — per Peter, more details on that will come next week.

(For a much more detailed look, check out the “About the Event” page.)


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